Save Up to 75% on Employee & Overhead Costs

You save up to 75% on salary and overhead costs by hiring offshore where wages are less expensive. Moreover, you do not have to worry about maintaining an office space for your employees, nor having to deal with government regulations on labor, taxes and benefits.

Long Term Hire

The staff that we endorse are unlike those found on oDesk, Elance, Upwork, Freelancer and other freelancing websites. They are seeking long term employment and will be committed to work for you.

Dedicated Staff

Your dedicated Virtual Team will exclusively work for you on the agreed upon schedule. It’s almost as if they are just working with you next door. There will be no waiting for your staff to finish other people’s projects. Your staff is at your beck and call.


You may speak with your Virtual Team directly using any communication method you like, be it Skype, Slack, Hipchat or just through your mobile.

About Us

Virtual Team Corporation helps make hiring offshore talent easy. We help you find and retain qualified and committed offshore staff that will complement your existing team. Wanna know more?

Why us?

Resumes speak a little about a person. In our screenings, we take into consideration the candidate’s personal, economic, educational backgrounds. Here's some more reasons.

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